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Song Yuzhe

Here is the dialog with Song Yuzhe, Chinese musician, on CREATIVECHINA. In the dialog with Song Yuzhe, you will hear Da Wang Gang. You will catch some shadow of religon. You will get some answer about his roving or direction. And you will also see a heart which is still a bit wild, but peaceful.


早期的carsick cars,吉他手张守望、鼓手李青,以及贝司手李维思。 乐队的第一张同名专辑《Carsick Cars》 2009年,Carsick Cars发表第二张录音室专辑《You can listen you can talk》,并与PK14、小河一同在美国巡演。   CARSICK CARS’ OFFICIAL WEBSITE CARSICK CARS’ WEIBO

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