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  “总之这是一个无聊的故事 However, it’s a boring story. 隔壁的哥哥死了,听说他拍毛片,要下地狱。 The guy next door died. I heard he was making porn. He’s doomed. 这是1993年的一个早晨,一直在下雨,我住在野生动物园附近的一个小镇上,除了周末以外的日子,这里荒凉的不属于人间。 It’s a rainy morning of 1993, when I lived in a town beside the zoo, a desolate place out of world, except weekends.   我在胡说八道些什么呢? What the hell am I talking about? 总之,一些屄毛乱长瞎鸡巴荒唐的事件,2013年过了大半。  Continue Reading »

Li Hongbo

   Flexible Paper Sculptures by Dominik Mersch Gallery, Australia Exhibition: 2001  Paper Space, Beijing 2007  Shared  Time and Space, Beijing 2007  Material  Desires, No Desire, Beijing 2010  Journey  of Thousand Miles – Awarded Graduation Works of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing 2010  Object-Energy, Found Museum, Beijing


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Masha Ma

    MASHA’s AW 13           MASHA’s SS 13         MASHA MA’s official

Zhang Zhi

The winter of Nilka Zhang Zhi The Traveller


鄂尔多斯博物馆 Ordos Museum               胡同泡泡32号 Hutong Bubble 32               假山 (在建) Fake Hills (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)             梦露大厦 Absolute Towers     CV Exhibitions 2012.10   Between the Modernity and Tradition, Solo Exhibition, ICO Museum, Madrid, Spain 2011.12   Shenzhen &  Continue Reading »

Zhe Chen

Bees left their lives in the very wounds they had created for themselves. – Virgil 蜜蜂把生命留在了自己制造的伤口里。——维吉尔 (古罗马诗人)     《蜜蜂》记录了这样一群人 当面对生命中的混乱、暴力、疏离与无可避免的失去时   他们在自己的身体上留下痕迹,以此确认并保存诗意的心。   Zhe Chen’s website Zhe Chen’s weibo      


Xiaosui’s Summer Stone   Yancong’s Website Yancong’s Weibo     Solo Exhibitions 2011 Great Heat: Yan Cong & Wen Ling Dual Exhibition, Star Gallery, Beijing, China 2010 The Dream of the Elephant, Far East Film Italy 2008 Pixel Fart, Star Gallery, Beijing, China Peppermint, Taikang Top Space, Beijing, China Soda Pop Stand, Star Gallery, Beijing,  Continue Reading »

More Tong

这是Moretong为生活类杂志网站voicer.me所做的二十四节气字体设计。 This is the typography designed by Moretong for “voicer.me”     节气(wikipedia) 指二十四时节和气候,是中国古代订立的一种用来指导农事的补充历法。由于东亚传统农历是一种“阴阳合历”,即根据太阳也根据月亮的运行制定的,因此不能完全反映太阳运行周期,但中国又是一个农业社会,农业需要严格了解太阳运行情况,农事完全根据太阳进行,所以在历法中又加入了单独反映太阳运行周期的“二十四节气”,用作确定闰月的标准。   A solar term is any of 24 points in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars that matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon. The points are spaced 15° apart along the ecliptic and are used by lunisolar calendars to stay synchronized with the seasons, which  Continue Reading »

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