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Li Hongbo

   Flexible Paper Sculptures by Dominik Mersch Gallery, Australia Exhibition: 2001  Paper Space, Beijing 2007  Shared  Time and Space, Beijing 2007  Material  Desires, No Desire, Beijing 2010  Journey  of Thousand Miles – Awarded Graduation Works of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing 2010  Object-Energy, Found Museum, Beijing

Masha Ma

    MASHA’s AW 13           MASHA’s SS 13         MASHA MA’s official


鄂尔多斯博物馆 Ordos Museum               胡同泡泡32号 Hutong Bubble 32               假山 (在建) Fake Hills (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)             梦露大厦 Absolute Towers     CV Exhibitions 2012.10   Between the Modernity and Tradition, Solo Exhibition, ICO Museum, Madrid, Spain 2011.12   Shenzhen &  Continue Reading »


大生意3 Big Business 3 “大生意3”是由SenseTeam山河水团队创作的系列平面艺术作品,整套作品采用”钱”的拼贴方式创作,将面孔、财富、品牌联系在一起,以一个新视觉重新认识品牌,反思“钱”与“欲望”对人的影响。  “Big Business 3” is a series of graphic art by SenseTeam. The entire work is created with bank notes collage, linking together face, wealth and brand. It gives a new understanding of the brand by a new vision and an introspection on the impact of “Money” and “Desire” on people.  Continue Reading »



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