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Song Yuzhe

Here is the dialog with Song Yuzhe, Chinese musician, on CREATIVECHINA. In the dialog with Song Yuzhe, you will hear Da Wang Gang. You will catch some shadow of religon. You will get some answer about his roving or direction. And you will also see a heart which is still a bit wild, but peaceful.


“一窝蜂有一条道 从熊的头到熊的脚 穿山甲有一条道 这山和那山一边儿高……” “One hive of bees, one way From the bear’s head to the bear’s toes The pangolin, one way, All the mountains have the same height”   “别说酒和酒壶 今天头痛欲裂 别说情人温柔 今早刚刚离别 别说山路险峻 老马无法掉头 别说法铃叮当 撞见了两个咒师” “Don’t mention the alcohol or its flask Today a splitting headache Don’t mention the tender lover Our  Continue Reading »

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