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Alice Lin

Dangrous game / 危险游戏 You and me / 你和我 You and me(你和我) Toadstool spirit(毒蘑菇精) your sring(你的春天) Faramita/彼岸 – Drawing/素描 Goatman/羊人 – meticulous painting/工笔绘画 Bunny/兔子 – meticulous painting/工笔绘画 Wither and fall /凋谢 – meticulous painting/工笔绘画 Mad Hatter – 疯帽子先生 – 30 x 21 inches (77 x 52 cm) – pencil on paper- 素描纸、铅笔 – Mad Hatter’s hats – 疯帽子先生的帽子们 – 39.5 x 25 inches (100 x 63 cm) – rice  Continue Reading »

Kebei Li

Two Circles Chair Two Circles Chair Two Circles Chair Torii stool Torii stool Tin Sake Cup Tin Sake Cup   Beetle Republic Beetle Republic Beetle Republic Bronze cable holder Bronze cable holder Bronze cable holder Monolith lamp Monolith lamp Monolith lamp Concrete paperweight Concrete paperweight Kebei Li’s official

Cai Hongshuo

Untitled – 无题 Under the gourd – 葫芦树下 Solitary cloud and the wild crane – 闲云野鹤 Spring – 春天 Sleeping along under the moon – 月下独眠 River crossing – 渡河 Pedestrian – 行者 Lonely cat – 寂寞的猫 Flying bird in the mirror – 镜中飞鸟 Ladder to the heaven – 通往天堂的阶梯 Floating cloud – 浮云 Fly  Continue Reading »

Masha Ma

    MASHA’s AW 13           MASHA’s SS 13         MASHA MA’s official

Zhang Zhi

The winter of Nilka Zhang Zhi The Traveller


鄂尔多斯博物馆 Ordos Museum               胡同泡泡32号 Hutong Bubble 32               假山 (在建) Fake Hills (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)             梦露大厦 Absolute Towers     CV Exhibitions 2012.10   Between the Modernity and Tradition, Solo Exhibition, ICO Museum, Madrid, Spain 2011.12   Shenzhen &  Continue Reading »

Chui Wan

<Swimming> – live @Yu Gong Yi Shan, Beijing <White Night>  –  Album Cover Chui Wan

Zhe Chen

Bees left their lives in the very wounds they had created for themselves. – Virgil 蜜蜂把生命留在了自己制造的伤口里。——维吉尔 (古罗马诗人)     《蜜蜂》记录了这样一群人 当面对生命中的混乱、暴力、疏离与无可避免的失去时   他们在自己的身体上留下痕迹,以此确认并保存诗意的心。   Zhe Chen’s website Zhe Chen’s weibo      

Chai Mi

“the sparrow and the raven” Trailer Improvised Music And Animation from Mi Chai animated short ,   “the sparrow and the raven”  “the outside world” and “Bird”   www.chaimiart.com

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