Xia Yongkang ( Wing Shya, 1964), born in Hongkong, Hongkong photographer, director and graphic designer. He worked for director Wong Kar Wai‘s film, responsible for many movies, including ” happy together “, “in the mood for love ” and ” 2046 ” photography and design work, also became a music video and network drama director.

” When I make up stories I can start from a new perspective to start. Creativity comes from the beginning of 0, every story, every time I started the project, I was able to create a moment or a scene, which can be very different. For me, every time the new. ” — Xia Yongkang



夏永康 (Wing Shya,1964年), 香港出生,香港攝影師,導演及平面設計師。他曾為導演王家衛負責多部電影,包括《春光乍洩》、《花樣年華》及《2046》的拍攝及設計工作,亦曾成為音樂錄影帶及網劇導演。

“當我編故事時我能夠從全新的角度開始。 创意从0开始,每個故事、每個我開始的項目,我能夠創作一刻或一個場景,它們可以是截然不同的。 對我來說,每一次都是全新的。”——夏永康