Lin Chien Wen

Born in Taipei, 1987. Chien-Wen Lin is a New York-based visual artist specific on Photography and Film. 


The forms of his works include fashion, documentary photography and experimental video. The concept of his works often derives from the glimpses of daily life. Through photography and short films, he tells the stories of the small but profound segments of life: the moments considered long forgotten yet are in fact rooted deeply in the memories throughout the course of life.


His recent works are mostly done with the format of collage, presenting a dialogue between the audience and the author. The use of collage can be seen in his first photography book, “Things i Lost”, by tearing up pages of books, it creates an interactive space between the viewers and the author. The book also reflects the worldview of the author.


He’s short film “Day by Day” has taken part in Berlin Interfilm Short Film Festival experimental film category, Backup Festival Weimar movie festival, and has won the golden prize of 39 hours Tainan short film awards.



Graduated from SVA MPS Fashion Photography
Hua Jai 2015 F/W
Men’s Uno China March special Issue for Gucci and Tod’s video
Yui Altelier 2014 S/S & F/W
Short Film “Day by Day” in Backup Festival Weimar 2013
Graduated from Shih Chien University SCCD
Published Personal Photography Book “Things I Lost”
Short Film “Day by Day” in Berlin interfilm short film festival 2012





林建文作品,型式包括时装、纪实摄影及实验性短片。多以日常生活的吉光片羽作为出发点,透过影像画面诉说生活中微小却深刻的片段:那些在不经意的时候会偶然想起,你以为早已忘记、实却深植在记忆中经历过的生命风景。近期之作品多以拼贴的方式呈现,以剪黏拼凑的手法创造观者与作者之间的对话。最早在2012年出版的第一本摄影集”Things i Lost” 里可看见此拼贴风格,利用手撕书页的印刷模式创作出观者与作者之间的私密互动空间,并透过其摄影作品反射出作者的世界观。作品”Day by Day” 曾参与Berlin Interfilm Short Film Festival 实验短片单元、Backup Festival Weimar 短片影展并获得大台南第一届39小时短片竞赛金奖。




畢業於SVA MPS Fashion Photography 碩士班課程      

Hua Jai 2015 F/W 服裝品牌形象攝影


Men’s Uno China 3月刊與Gucci & Tod’s 合作時裝短片


Yui Altelier 2014 S/S & F/W 服裝品牌形象攝影        

實驗短片 Day by Day 參加 Backup Festival Weimar 短片影展



個人攝影集 Things I Lost 發表        

實驗短片 Day by Day 獲得大台南第一屆39小時短片競賽金獎        

實驗短片 Day by Day 參加 Berlin interfilm short film festival 2012        

Miss Ko MV “打破他” 動態攝影        

蘇打綠”當我們一起走過”演唱會 “浪漫派”視覺