Yuan Gao,  base in Beijing and New York. Visual Artist.

Worked as press photographer at China News Service, and then entered the “Life” magazine as a photographer, Deputy Director of Photography at Modern Media Group Beijing Photography Department.In various issues produced by Modern Media Group, numerous important pictures have been shot by Yuan Gao, and meanwhile he has been dealing with commercial advertising and conception photography.Won 2010 “Fotomen Magazine Annual Photographer”; one of the 30 important photographers in Avant era of China; 2011 SOPA association annual special photography awards.Works can be seen on the international first-line magazines such as “TIME”, “DAZED&CONFUSED” “V MAGAZINE” “VOGUE” and multi-media platforms.Gao Yuan’s  current work devoted to the exploration of image language .


曾任中国新闻社摄影部摄影记者,后进入《生活》月刊任摄影师,现代传播集团北京摄影部署理摄影总监。其间为现代传播集团旗下各刊拍摄众多重要照片,并同时涉足商业广告和观念摄影范畴。获评2010年度《摄影之友》杂志年度摄影师,《中国新生代30位重要摄影师》。2011年获得亚洲出版协会S0PA年度专题摄影大奖。作品见于《TIME》《DAZED&CONFUSED》《V MAGAZINE》《VOGUE》等国际一线杂志及众多媒体平台。高远现在的工作致力于影像语言的探索