GUIGUISUISUI is a two piece journey into sound and performance. Man and woman, East and West, past and future, side by side blending electronic and 8-bit sounds with blues, rock, hip hop, doom, punk, noise, and ambient bliss while performing an avante garde opera featuring a number of characters: the zombie bluesman GUIGUISUISUI and immortal ninja SUSU; master of the dark arts KING NECRO and empress of the underworld PUMPKIN QUEEN; preacher and minister for the cult of greed LORD KAMEMAMEHA and high preistess of profit LADY CHAKRA. Meanwhile a journey through time and space plays out in the background through painstakingly  detailed animations that explore the themes of life and death and rebirth. Simply put, GUIGUISUISUI is an experience.

GUIGUISUISUI won the award for best local band of the year in the City Weekend Readers Choice Award 2016 and to date there have been numerous releases under the GUIGUISUISUI name, including vinyl, tapes, CDs, and zines. The show has toured relentlessly since it’s beginnings in 2012 , with gigs in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the Europe (UK, France,Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland).

Festivals: Fake Fuzz Fest, Purple Toad Festival

Awards: City Weekend Readers Choice Awards Beijing Best Band: Honorable Mention


鬼鬼祟祟的表演是将布鲁斯,庞克,摇滚,嘻哈,噪音,以及8-bit music集合在一个人身上的21世纪演出。虽然表演者只有一个人,但在表演时他的身份是多重的,包括僵尸bluesman,鬼鬼祟祟,他的主人和折磨者King Necro,还有他的另一自我,说唱摇滚英雄Lord Kamemameha。 

同时,鬼鬼祟祟的整个演出配备了大量独特的迂回曲折,比如背景节奏是在一个电路排架的gameboy上编写的,或者其他复古游戏的视频采样。The Diddly Board(国王死灵的1弦滑板吉他)会不可避免地将观众驱使进“三人的险恶联盟。“