Zhang Zhi


Zhang Zhi, from Xinjiang, musician, bassist from the band “Traveller”.


In March 2009, Zhang Zhi decided to make a folk album and he came from Karamay, gathered with Wu Junde (Vocal of “traveller”), Wen Feng (drummer), Zhu Fangqiong (singer/songwriter), Lin Jie in Xiamen. Alongside the beach, in three day, Zhangzhi and his friends in succession created some improvisation songs named by places as “Nilka town”, “Ichkrick”, and eventually decided to name the album “Nilka town”, which is the first domestic “Map folk” album.


In 2010, the guitarist Zhang Fangze completed the post-production of “Nilka town” .


Nilka town tells the amazing story of a small town which is also a beekeeping factory in Xinjiang. “Mukulian” (mouth harp): the vicissitudes story of  Spermophilus tribe moved westward from the Yalu River to Xinjiang. “Ichkrick”: was the place where Zhangzhi grew up. There used to have the generation support Xinjiang’s development. But soon, the oil was mined light, eventually abandoned.










Zhang Zhi  张智

The winter of Nilka

Zhang Zhi  张智 portrait 1

Zhang Zhi

Zhang Zhi  张智 portrait 2

Zhang Zhi  张智 portrait 3

Zhang Zhi  张智 portrait 4

Zhang Zhi  张智 concert 1

The Traveller