XiaoHe, whose real name is He GuoFeng, grown up in Handan, joined the army in 1992, and came to Beijing in late 1995. He has ever been a cleaning staff, security, instrument store staff. XiaoHe established the band “Glorious Pharmacy” in 1999, as the lead singer. He released his first personal live album recorded in 2003: “The bird which fly low does not fall on the backs of the cattle which can’t run fast”. In May. 2005, the band released the album: “Please enlarge a photo of sister for me”. In 2008, born was their second album “Footsteps burst”. In July 2009, XiaoHe personally published the improvised album “identity performances”.




XIAO HE 小河 show picture 1


XiaoHe is one of the best experimental folk singers now in China, cross-border musician, vocal of the band “Glorious Pharmacy”. The experimental nature is from his concept of his music: getting each other, liberating each other, and his music contains unexhausted spirituality.


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for a long time, XiaoHe is particularly good at impromptu performances. by using the effects and loop, He can even show the complex of an orchestra. The simple melodys are stacked, deconstructed, which always create a continuous rolling, undulating emotional streams, which makes his individual performances never boring. And these are all the reasons why he and “Glorious Pharmacy” separate faction in today’s independent music.


XIAO HE 小河 picture 3早年美好药店时期


In 2011, XiaoHe released his 3rd personal album “fool’s love songs”. His music appears in front of everybody in an unprecedented form——A photo album with an embedded mp3, custom headphones, priced at nearly 500 yuan. In this special “Record”, XiaoHe uses a lot of samples and repeated melodies to build up the whole music. But during the publicity tour, He just plays a guitar, as the purest way, regressing to the front of the audience. The recording contains cicadas sound, the aircraft boom across the sky. All the sounds are recorded in each song as an instant state that can not be copied, just like the album itself in a narrative way, telling the stories of fools.

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