Song Yuzhe


Song Yuzhe built the underground rock band “Mu Tui Gua”, famous for its free and exciting way of performance. “Mu Tui Gua” was recognized as one of the very best underground bands at that time.


in 2002, Song firmly dissolved the band. He gave up everything and roved western area of China for 7 years, learning and studying different nations’ music. He came back and built the new band “Da Wang Gang” in 2009.


Actually, Da Wang Gang is more like a project rather than a “band”. Except Song, all other musicians are always changeable by different chances and performances.


In the next 4 years, Da Wang Gang released their first selection “Huang Qiang Zou Ban”. They held a series of performance, like “Come with shadow, go with sound”, “Faust”. In 2012, Da Wang Gang released their album in Europe named “wild tune stray rythem” by Jaro, the German world music label. This year, Da Wang Gang is now planning their live shows in China and Europe.


In the dialog with Song Yuzhe, you will hear Da Wang Gang. You will catch some shadow of religon. You will get some answer about his roving or direction. And you will also see a heart which is still a bit wild, but peaceful.









在这之后的四年里,大忘杠出版了第一张精选自三张不同主题专辑的选段《荒腔走板选段》,举办了“来有影去有声”、“浮士德”等一系列配乐主题演出。2012年,大忘杠与德国世界音乐厂牌Jaro合作,在欧洲发行了欧版专辑《wild tune stray rythem》。2013年,大忘杠正在筹备系列的演出计划,包括国内巡演以及欧洲的巡演。




对话Vol.1 宋雨喆专访@创意中国

Dialog Vol.1 Song Yuzhe @ CREATIVECHINA

Song Yuzhe 宋雨喆 portrait

Song Yuzhe


Mu Tui Gua  木推瓜乐队

Mu Tui Gua


Song Yuzhe and his master  宋雨喆与师傅乌布力艾山

Song Yuzhe and his master


Da Wang Gang @ CREATIVE C .

大忘杠 @ 创意中国

Da Wang Gang’ Weibo