“Fish respect the sea

They even shit in it

Flowers rever the sun

They even dare to look it in the eye”


Da Wang Gang is a story-telling band.

The stories are about god and poem, fable and zen, which comes from the grassland and nomad of North, the elysian fields of South, and the selections of the old opera.


Da Wang Gang was founded in 2009. The brain of the band, Song Yuzhe, who is also the key figure of his last band, Ban Tui Gua. In 2010, the band made their first album, “selections of Huang Qiang Zou Ban”, within 8 songs selected from their 3 planning albums, in spite of the limited condition. In which, we can hear Song’s achievement by collecting folk songs during his  trip in the past years. The lyrics and the arrangement are both full of talent and inwardness.













DA WANG GANG 大忘杠 music show 1





“One hive of bees, one way

From the bear’s head to the bear’s toes

The pangolin, one way,

All the mountains have the same height”


“别说酒和酒壶 今天头痛欲裂

别说情人温柔 今早刚刚离别

别说山路险峻 老马无法掉头

别说法铃叮当 撞见了两个咒师”

“Don’t mention the alcohol or its flask

Today a splitting headache

Don’t mention the tender lover

Our roads just split this morning

Don’t mention the steep mountain road

The old horse cannot turn back

Don’t mention the bell’s ding dang

Meeting two wizards”



You will see monks, wizards. You will see the nature and universe emerging out of the songs, but you can’t describe clealy.


DA WANG GANG 大忘杠 picture 2宋雨喆



The band use every kind of folk instruments and voice effects which fits the songs extremely. As Song had been responsible for voice, dulcimer, banjo, mandolin, koto and percussion. They build up a complicated but ordered atmosphere by the irregular rhythms, just like telling little stories in a strong mood. You can’t say which one is more special between the lyrics and the arrangement. Everything in the music is so special and metaphorical, interacting.


DA WANG GANG 大忘杠 picture 3 宋雨喆多年在新疆与西藏采风,记录了许多音乐影像



The live show of Da Wang Gang is absolutely one of best in China, which is like a breathless opera. The paragraphs are full of ups and downs. Their playing are always easy to surround the audience in an intangible room. In the series show of “Come with Picture, Go with sound”, 2009, the band lively accompanied the documentary films taken by Song during his years of trip in Tibet and Xinjiang, building the staggered sense among different nations. They tried to re-adjust the relations between them/we, host/guest, majority/minority, tradition/modern, power/freedom by showing different genres, different backgrounds of the musian and different cultures.




There may be nothing better than Da Wang Gang’s lyrics to describe such guys





不好找 不好找”

“Great monastery

Scriptures from India

A concentrated monk

Not easy to find, not easy to find”