“Until the end of the world, sex will be always the main topic of humain beings”

Graduated from Southeast University, Architecture department,  he works as a professionnal illustrator since 2002 and chef editor of <Special Comix> since 2007.

Storyof is one of the few singed young illustrators for sex columns of different medias in China. In his mind, even a water stains can be connected with sex.

His solo exhibition <Until the end of the world> will be held from 10th May to 10th July at Contesta Rock Hair, 733-4 JuLu lu, JingAn District, Shanghai.






毕业于东南大学建筑系,2002年至今为职业插画师,《SC》(Special Comix)漫画主编。

胡晓江是国内为数不多为各式媒体“性”专栏供稿的年轻插画师, 从一滴水渍也可以联想到性“,以“性”为题,他画来总有默契。

其个人作品展《直到世界末日》将于5月10日至7月10日在上海静安区巨鹿路733-4号,Contesta Rock Hair举行。


Until the end of the world



Storyof 胡晓江 artwork 1 end of the world

Storyof 胡晓江 artwork 2 space dinner

Storyof 胡晓江 3

Storyof 胡晓江 4

Storyof 胡晓江 5

Storyof 胡晓江 6


for sex column



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Storyof 胡晓江 8

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