Bu Hua

Born in 1973, Bu Hua grew up in the economic boom and the new era of materialism in China. Encouraged by her father, who was a woodblock printmaking artist, Bu Hua enrolled in the Central Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University Beijing.

She later furthered her studies in the Netherlands between 1996 and 1997. Bu Hua was first being noticed in the Internet with her work Cat (2002), and later being selected to film festivals in Europe.

Her flash animation Oneness has been selected to the 15th French International Animation Festival Night of Magic (“15th Les Nuits Magiques”) in France as the premiere of Chinese Unit. Her works have also been selected into many important international exhibitions, namely Shanghai Biennale (2008) and Busan Biennale (2008).

In 2009, Bu Hua is being invited by Zuoxiao Zuzhou, one of the leading figures of Chinese rock music, to create his music video. In 2010, she is commissioned by the World Expo Shanghai to create a huge-scale projection installation for the Pavilion of Future.

Bu Hua’s major mediums range from oil painting, drawing, illustration etc, but amongst her past works she is most renowned by her animation and digital drawings. Her work Savage Growth has been awarded Youth Prize of the International Triennial of New Media Art in Beijing.






卜桦的FLASH作品《一》曾入选第15届法国 LES NUITS MAGIQUES国际动画节,作为中国单元的开幕影片。卜桦参展过众多的国际重要艺术展览,包括2008年上海双年展、2008年釜山双年展等。2009年,卜桦为中国摇滚歌手左小诅咒创作音乐录影带,于2010年受托为上海世博会城市未来馆进行创作。卜桦的创作包括油画、素描、插画及其他媒体材料作品,然而,在她所有作品当中动画及数码绘画最为知名,作品《野蛮丛生》曾获国际新媒体艺术三年展青年大奖。


Interview on CCTV

Bu Hua’s e-mail: 937677@qq.com