Xu Wenkai

Aaajiao (XU Wenkai) was born in 1984 in Xi’an, and later moved to Shanghai, where he continues to live and work. Aaajiao is one of China’s foremost media artists, bloggers and free culture developers. In 2003 he established the sound art website: cornersound.com, and in 2006 he founded the Chinese take on the blog We Make Money Not Art: We Need Money Not Art. He is devoted to Processing, an open source visual programming software, Dorkbot, a non-profit initiative for creative minds, and eventstructure, an interdisciplinary center for art, media technology and academic research based in Shanghai. In his works in general, Aaajiao focuses on the use of data and its various forms of display, and how meaning is understood through the process of transforming the movement from reality, to data, and back again. His most significant aesthetic contribution to new media in China is a social one, acting as a vector for the interpretation and communication of international and local trends in the usages of software in artistic practice.


aaajiao(徐文恺),1984年生于中国西安,后移居上海并工作、生活至今。徐文恺是国内前沿的媒体艺术家、博客写手,同时也是一位文化交流的积极推动者。2003年创建声音艺术网站cornersound.com。2006年,创办基于We Make Money Not Art的中文新媒体信息平台We Need Money Not Art。致力于推广processing,一款开源的视觉程序软件。Dorkbot,一个非盈利的倡导创造的活动,以及eventstructure,一家基于上海的跨艺术、设计、学术以及新媒体技术领域的独立研究开发机构。他的作品通常专注于对数据的挖掘和使用,并试图以多种多样的形式将其表现,以此在数据与现实的“调制解调”之中完成对作品内涵的完整表达。他对中国新媒体艺术最重要的审美贡献在于他以自身的活跃姿态,在电脑软件的艺术应用方面,尽力扮演了国内外最新趋势的交流者与先行者角色。

Xu Wenkai’s official

Solo Exhibition/ 个展
The Screen Generation @ 9m² -Museum Feb 2014 Shanghai,9m² Museum ( Goethe Open Space) / 屏幕一代@ 9平方美术馆 2014.2 上海,9平米美术馆(歌德开放空间)
The Screen Generation Dec 2013 Shanghai,chi K11 art space / 屏幕一代 2013.12 上海,K11艺术空间
The Screen Generation – Prequel Nov 2013 Beijing,C-Space / 屏幕一代-前传 2013.11 北京,C空间
Placebo Nov 2011 Shnaghai,OtherGallery / 安慰剂 2011.11 上海,其他画廊
Cybernetics Sep 2010 Shanghai,V Arts Centre/ 控制 2010.9 上海,视界艺术中心

Mar 2014 Transience – Intractable Objects Shanghai,Taikang Space / 电光火石——桀骜不驯的对象 上海,泰康空间

Nov 2013 The West Bank Architecture and Contemporary Art Biennale Shanghai / 西岸建筑与当代艺术双年展 上海
Nov 2013 Reading Shanghai,Leo Xu Projects / 阅读 上海,Leo Xu Projects
Jul 2013 Lost In The Labyrinth New York,Harvestworks / 迭走迷宫 纽约,Harvestworks
May 2013 Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money – Art After Social Media Era Shanghai,chi K11 art space / 真实、美、自由和金钱——社群媒体兴起后的艺术 上海,K11艺术空间
Mar 2013 SHANGHAI SURPRISE – A GROUP SHOW ON CONTEMPORARY ART IN SHANGHAI Shanghai,chi K11 art space / 上海惊奇——场关于上海当代艺术的群展 上海,K11艺术空间

Sep 2012 ART DIALOGUE CITY – 2ND EDITION N-MINUTES VIDEO ART FESTIVAL Shanghai/ 艺术对话城市——第二届N分钟影像艺术节 上海
Sep 2012 Solar Plexus London, Space Station Sixty Five / 太阳神经丛 伦敦,65空间站
Jun 2012 Whatever You Want – New Media Art Show Beijing / 任我行——新媒体艺术展 北京
Jun 2012 Solar Plexus Shanghai,V Arts Centre / 太阳神经丛 上海,视界艺术中心
May 2012 OVERLOOK Shanghai,Magda Danysz Gallery / OVERLOOK 上海,MD画廊

Dec 2011 “One World” Exposition – Chinese Art in the Age of the New Media Hongkong,Videotage / 平行世界 香港,录映太奇
Aug 2011 Augmented Senses – A China-France Media Art Exhibition Shenzhen, The Oct Art&Design Gallery / 感知增生——中法媒体艺术交流展 深圳,华•美术馆
Jun 2011 TransLife: Media Art China 2011 – International Triennial of New Media Art Beijing,The National Art Museum of China / 延展生命:媒体中国2011——国际新媒体艺术三年展 北京, 中国美术馆
Jun 2011 Augmented Senses – A China-France Media Art Exhibition Shanghai,The OCT SUHE CREEK GALLERY / 感知增生——中法媒体艺术交流展 上海,华侨城苏河湾艺术馆
Jun 2011 Be With Me, Basel Liste 16 / 与我同行 巴塞尔 Liste 16
Apr 2011 +Follow Shanghai, Museum of Contemporary Art / +关注 上海,上海当代艺术馆
Apr 2011 From Interaction to Micro-Sociology: The Dual Thread of Media Intervention into Art in The Netherlands and China Beijing, Art ISSUE Projects / 从互动到微观社会学:荷兰/中国媒体介入艺术的双重线索 北京,艺术Art ISSUE Projects
Mar 2011 Words and Dreams Shanghai,18 Gallery / 文字与理想 上海,外滩18号

Sep 2010 Resonance Shanghai,18 Gallery / 共鸣 上海,外滩18号
Sep 2010 Creators Project Beijing,798 / 创想家计划 北京,798
Sep 2010 a world which is being built! Shanghai,V Arts Centre / 一个世界正在建设中!上海,视界艺术中心
Feb 2010 Transmediale Berlin / 转译媒体节 柏林

Dec 2009 Sweet Future Shanghai / 甜蜜的未来 上海,局门路436号
Nov 2009 Fantastic Illusions – Media Art Exhibition of Chinese and Belgian Artists Belgium,Shanghai / 完美幻觉——中国比利时媒体艺术交流展 上海,比利时
Sep 2009 New Media Archaeology Shanghai,DDM / 新媒体考古 上海,东大名创库
Apr 2009 Art Beijing 2009 Thematic Exhibition- Art Unforbidden Beijing / 艺术北京,“诗意·日常”——中国年轻艺术家群展 北京

Oct 2008 Shift Festival Switzerland / Shift艺术节 巴塞尔
Oct 2008 eArts Festival Shanghai / 上海电子艺术节 上海
Sep 2008 Virtual City (New Power – China Contemporary Art Biennale 2008) / 虚城计 2008“新动力•中国”当代艺术双年展 上海
June 2008 Synthetic Times Public Education Project Beijing
July 2008 Mini Summit on New Media Arts Policy & Practice Singapore
Apr 2008 SEWN Segment Space Shanghai

Nov 2007 Microwave Internationl Media Art Festival Hongkong / 微波国际媒体艺术节 香港
Nov 2007 Long March Beijing
Oct 2007 eArts Festival Shanghai / 上海电子艺术节
Oct 2007 SEWN Segment Space Beijing
Aug 2007 Lange Nacht Beijing
Aug 2007 Getitlouder Beijing / 大声展 北京
Jul 2007 Zhangjiang science, technology and culture festival Shanghai
Jun 2007 THE MOBILE LAB Borderline Festival Beijing
May 2007 CIGE multi media arts international lab forum Beijing
May 2007 Sustainable Imagination Beijing,Arario Gallery / 可持续幻想?中国媒体艺术展览系列之1999至2007 北京,阿拉里奥画廊
Apr 2007 Deaf07 Netherlands / Deaf07 荷兰