SenseTeam is one of the most dynamic and creative vision team in  global Chinese creative field. They care for the citizen and society in the creativity. Their work involves branding, exhibition planning, spatial design and publishing. SenseTeam is one of the most active pioneers in culture communication in China, committed to making different media, such as print, contemporary art, advertising, architectural space, city, society, crossed in mastery, and finding the best way of expressing for those interesting, meaningful and valuable works.


Awards: New York ADC 1 Gold Award ,2 Silver Award, 3 Merit Award;Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2 Silver Award;New York One Show Design 1 Gold Award, 1 Silver Award, 6 Merit Award;D&AD 4 in book;Adfest Design Lotus 2 Gold Award, 2 Silver Award;Red Dot 2 Best of the Best Award, 6 Merit Award; HKDA Awards 1 Gold Award, 2 Bronze Award, 8 Excellence Award,8 Merit Award;GDC 1 Gold Award,1 Silver Award,5 Bronze Award,20 Merit Award……



全球华人创意领域最具活力及远见的团队,注重创意的公民性和社会性。工作涉足品牌推广,艺术策展,空间设计和文化出版 ,是当今中国最活跃的文化交流先锋之一。致力于将平面、当代艺术、广告、建筑空间、城市、社会等个中媒介,在不同领域间的融会贯通,为有趣、有意义、有价值的作品赋予最佳的表达方式。




所获奖项:美国纽约艺术指导俱乐部(ADC)1项金奖2项银奖3项入选奖,戛纳国际创意节Cannes Lions 2项银奖,美国纽约One Show 1项金奖1项银奖,6项入选奖,英国D&AD 4项入选奖,亚太广告节Adfest设计类2项金奖2项银奖,德国红点奖red dot 2项best of the best红点大奖,6项红点入选奖,香港HKDA亚洲设计大奖1项金奖2项铜奖8项优异奖和8项入围奖,GDC 1项金奖,1项银奖,5项铜奖,20项入选奖……

SenseTeam 山河水团队 artwork 1


Big Business 3

SenseTeam 山河水团队 artwork 2


 “Big Business 3” is a series of graphic art by SenseTeam. The entire work is created with bank notes collage, linking together face, wealth and brand. It gives a new understanding of the brand by a new vision and an introspection on the impact of “Money” and “Desire” on people.


BIG BUSINESS 3_Poster SenseTeam 山河水团队 artwork 3

BIG BUSINESS 3_Poster SenseTeam 山河水团队 artwork 4

BIG BUSINESS 3_Poster SenseTeam 山河水团队 artwork 5

BIG BUSINESS 3_Poster SenseTeam 山河水团队 artwork 6

BIG BUSINESS 3_Poster SenseTeam 山河水团队 artwork 7


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