YANG Xiwen

The curiosity and thirsty for knowledges lead me to study contemporary art in Europe, the European experiences made me re-examine the artistic research, creation, and re-positioning of the artists’ concept. My research and ideas are probably derived from the feeling of the fear. The fear that can be felt and experienced with the constant non-stoppable changes of the world, (Especially the mutability of life, this ‘impermanence’ is a Chinese philosophy, quite clearly explained by the French philosopher Francois Jullien), also it comes from the complicity form of the close connections between human beings and animals. Therefore I create my works in sculptures and paintings mainly with a type of mixed materials. This type of mixed materials I use is paper pulp. They are used by current everyday newspapers and magazines. For me, they are quite symbolic and emblematic materials.  Paper-pulp which comes from papers that made by wood, and now to be turning into the sculptures that like stones.  Those different kinds of everyday papers like newspapers, and magazines, get to be mixed and start a new life … it is a meaningful support for possible rebirth and recreation, from the signs they present, which might help us to read the future.


好奇心和求知慾趨勢我赴歐洲學習當代藝術,在歐洲的經歷使我重新審視藝術的研究與創作,重新定位藝術家這一概念。我的研究和想法可能是來自于恐懼感,一種世界的亙古不變的無常變化慢慢的被感知和經歷(永久這一變化過程,這個’無常’是一個中國概念的恐懼的感覺得出,很清楚地由法國哲學家弗朗索瓦·於連解釋),也來自於關於人和動物間的緊密相連的複雜性。所以我用一種混合的材料去雕塑和繪畫。 這種混合的材料是紙漿 – 來自於最普通的日常的報紙,雜誌,它是一種符合我需要的條件又相當具有象徵性的材料。紙漿來自於從木料轉變成紙有轉換成類似石頭一樣外表的雕塑,由報紙,雜誌,日常使用的紙結合起來,得到混合和一個新的開始……它是一個意義,一個可能的重生的載體,從它們形成和變化的跡象中,我們可以嘗試讀取未來。

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Eternal memory /永恒的记忆