Shih Yung Chun

ART #5

Shih Yungchun, born in 1978, Taipei, holding the first solo exhibition at Yulan Hall Gallery from October 20th to November 28th 2012, in 798, Beijing. The exhibition is named as “soap operas”,showing his 62 representative in the mainland audiences. For himself, it is important; for real art loving friends in Beijing, however, it is also a chance get to know the guy.

Shih’s paintings mostly come from scenes of everyday life as the main theme, however, he evolutes from hundreds of photos to the narrative content. That’s why in those familiar scene, he always deliberately makes alienated and strange change, let people feel astonishing, but can not help curiousity for further exploring the truth. However, the truth in Shi Yongjun’s paintings, doesn’t exist. That’s why he named the exhibition as “soap opera”.  Every day seems true, can also be fabricated. Shih Yungjun makes every one of his works highly finished because of the mature painting skill. He is an artist with very strong painting, we are now facing the repositioning moment of art after 40 years’ leading by concept art, which makes Shih’s art even more full of temptation. He’s also a good story teller. Whirling plot, like a metaphor, saying that we are living in the ” mystery “, the mystery of life, dramatic process. The true mingled with the false. Who can distinguish it? like a panic during the  pursuit of truth in the vain, perhaps this is the power of creations by Shih , and the reason which led him deep into the mystery and unable to escape.




ART #5

1978 在台北出生的时永骏,今年10月20日至11月28日在北京798玉兰堂画廊举办第一次的北京个展,以《肥皂剧》为名,将他近年来的62件代表作呈现在内地的观众眼前。对他个人而言,是重要的展览,但是,对于北京真正爱好艺术的朋友,又未始不是一次大饱眼福的机会。


Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 1

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 2

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 3

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 4

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 5

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 6

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 7

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 9

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 10

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 11

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 12

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 13

Shih Yung Chun 时永骏 - artwork 14


2012 【肥皂剧——时永骏作品】玉兰堂,北京

2005 【舍不得遗忘,那么,再看一次】自强二八四 ,关渡


【时代的容颜】联展, 一票人票画空间&画库,台北
【2012 YAT年度主题巡展——失控的年代】德鸿画廊,台南
【又远又近】亚洲青年艺术家群展,玉兰堂 ,北京
【Geisai Taiwan #3】艺术祭,华山艺文中心,台北
【当代图像】联展,TIN ART 当代艺术空间,台中
【Geisai Taiwan #1】艺术祭,华山艺文中心,台北
【Working Museum】打开当代艺术文化工作站,板桥


2011 Geisai Taiwan #3 台开奖


2004 青年艺术作品典藏•素描作品《符号纪录2号作品》典藏,历史博物馆
2003 双和美展•油画典藏


T-ART IN TAICHUANG-GROUP Exhibition | Evergreen Laurel Hotel . Taichung
YOUNG ART TAIPEI | Sheraton Hotel . Taipei
The Internation Young Artists Group Exhibition – THE AGE OF UNREST | Der-Hong Gallery . Tainan
Near of Far: Group Exhibition of Young Artists | LINE GALLERY . BEIJING
Art Festival #3 | Huashan1914. Creative Park . Taipei
Contemporary Images-Group Exhibition | TIN ART Contemporary Art Space . Taichung
Art Festival #1 | Huashan1914. Creative Park . Taipei
Reluctant to Forget, then, Look at it one more time | Tzi-Chong 284 . Guandu
Special Qualifications
Geisai Taiwan #3 Award
Youth Arts Collection of Works | Sketches Collection. National Museum of History
Shuang Art Exhibition | Oil Paintings Collection