ART #1

Liu Ye (1964 Beijing) is best-known for his colorful cartoon like characters in playful, naughty adolescent scenes. Influenced by Mondrian and abstract art, Liu Ye uses the color schemes and patterns of a Mondrian — and even images from Mondrian’s works — and sets them in China, with young girls, bearing a breast, smoking, acting childlike or closing their eyes to enter a dream like state. Unlike many contemporary artists he has steered away from politics and chosen to focus on human emotions — and childlike images. Liu Ye studied at Mural Painting Dept. at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, then he went to Berlin to sdudied at Hochschule der Bildence Kunst. He lives and works in Beijing now.


ART #1

刘野(1964年北京)其最有名的,莫过于他的五颜六色的顽皮,淘气的青少年人物。受蒙德里安和抽象艺术的影响,刘野使用的颜色方案极尽蒙德里安风格,甚至使用蒙德里安的作品中的一些图像,将他们设置在中国。年轻女孩,带有一个乳房,抽着烟,假装孩童般天真或闭上眼睛进入一个梦幻般的状态。与许多当代艺术家不同,他远离政治,并选择专注于人内心的情感 – 和孩童般的图像。刘野于1989年在中央美术学院美术系学习壁画,然后他去了柏林学习。现在他生活、工作在北京。

LIU YE 刘野 Illustration 1

LIU YE 刘野 Illustration 2

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LIU YE 刘野 Illustration 5

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