Liu Bolin

Born in Shandong province in 1973.

Graduated from Shandong Academy of Fine Arts in 1995.

Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in 2001.


Artist Liu Bolin, known as the “Invisible Man”, began his “Hiding in the City” series in 2005. His stealth is seemingly silent but powerful expression.



His new series works is the performance art in the virtual space on the Internet. He becomes an art hacker this time. Creative C. asked Liu Bolin why he has chosen these websites, they seem like so different. In fact, Liu Bolin and his hacker team tested hundreds of photos from different websites, the resolution of many photos are not good enough, when they blow up the photos, they became too blurred, as a matter of fact, Liu can’t put himself into the image and become invisible. After all, those photos on the website should be blown up as big as the artist, so that he can paint himself into the image. And his choice of pictures on these sites is also very picky. When he creates new series of works, he always considers the aesthetical continuation of his past work. For instance, the magnificent Invisible Man series, it’s sometimes spectacular, sometimes monumental.



The websites Liu Bolin has hackered successfully are: 1. The official website of Paris XIII District 2. The official website of Parliament of France (Assemblée nationale) 3. The official website of Algerian health center 5. The official website of a museum about Switzerland 6. The website of an abandoned factory in Germany. Different official websites belong to different governmental institutions. Several pictures Liu Bolin has hackered have been replaced with the original pictures, but some of them are still remained on the site. Liu called himself “Art Hacker” on the Internet, and did the performance art on it. It’s quite risky, cause his works could be taken out off the site by administrator at anytime. Besides challenging the administrators of website, he might fight against time as well. From the opening day at Magda Danysz Gallery, 2015 May 23rd, up to now, he still occupies an image on the website of Paris XIII District. (posted on 9th June 2015)






艺术家刘勃麟,也就是著名的“隐形人”(invisible man),在2005年开始了他的“隐藏在城市”系列作品。他的隐身是一种看似无语却强而有力的表达。



他新系列的作品是在互联网上的行为艺术,他这次变成了艺术黑客。Creative C.询问了艺术家刘勃麟为什么要选择这些网站呢?因为这几个网站看起来似乎没什么关联。他告诉我其实他和他的黑客团队,测试了好几百张照片,但很多照片都因为解析度不高,放大照片之后画面整个糊掉,导致艺术家本人无法隐身到这些照片中。毕竟照片还是要可以放大到跟艺术家等身,他才能把自己画进去里面。还有他对照片的选择也很挑剔,他选择的这几个网站上面的照片,都还是延续了他以往的美学,譬如说隐形人系列那种壮阔的、景观式的图片。



刘勃麟黑客成功的网站有:1.法国巴黎十三区区政府2.法国国会(Assemblée nationale)3. 阿尔及利亚医疗网站4. 澳大利亚sea shepherd 5. 瑞士某個博物馆6. 德国荒废的工厂7.法国巴黎104艺术中心网站…等等不同国家级别的官方网站,共计这次展出八个。有几个被刘勃麟黑客的图片已经被置回来原来的图片了,但是有些还保留在网站上,艺术黑客在互联网上面做了这样的行为艺术,作品随时都会被网站管理员撤下来。除了挑战管理者,似乎也在跟时间赛跑。2015年5月23号展览在MD画廊开幕到现在,十三区政府网站的图片还继续被刘占领当中。(2015.6.9)




Liu Bolin2


 Old Works 旧作:


Liu Bolin1

Liu Bolin, Hiding in the City – Panda, 2011, Photograph, 47 1/4 x 63 inches (120 x 160 cm)

Liu Bolin4

Liu Bolin, Hiding in the City No. 93 – Supermarket No. 2, 2010, Photograph, 46 1/2 x 59 inches (118 x 150 cm)

Liu Bolin3

Liu Bolin, Jean Paul Gaultier, 2011, Photograph, 57 1/2 x 78 3/4 inches (146 x 200 cm)