Liang Liang ren

ART #4

Four doggerels can conclude my sense on my paper cut art: Scissors step forward mathematically, paper responds like poems, she and he are tortured together; cutting the paper is depriving with violence and bestowing with tenderness. ” Concerning the material composing “scissor” and “paper”, they are one metal, one wood. Scissor is going forward with Yang and of a damaging creativity while paper is bearing with Yin and of a harmonious nature. Even the best scissor and paper cannot be connected with your using; just like that the hidden lives can hardly witness the birth of new insight without stirring. In my life I borrow scissor to do violence to papers with some mindset of comforting and before pasted, papers are already damaged in the concept as a carrier of painting; yet a new artistic form got birth —paper cut. While hiding a “ butterfly effect ”, my paper cut art is also too trivial to mention.    Paper-cut, an old form of art, the entire expansive material energy is the womb into which I infuse the embryo of individual consciousness, subsequently manifested by me, every kinds of new media is generated, installation, video, performance and so on.


ART #4

对剪纸创作的体会可以概括成这四句打油诗:“剪刀行数学步伐,纸张回应他诗歌,她和他,一起受折磨。剪纸,暴力夺取,温柔给予。”就构成“剪刀”和“纸张”这两件事物的材质来讲,一金,一木。 剪刀是阳性的前行,具有破坏力创造力;纸张是阴性的承受,具有圆融性。再好的剪刀和纸张,你不去用,它们之间没有交互,隐匿的生灵得不到搅动,新的洞见难以诞生。生活中我以寻求某种安慰的心态借用剪刀对纸张施暴,在作品粘贴前,纸张满目疮痍,纸张在成为一幅绘画载体的概念里被解放了,一种沉寂已久的艺术形式随之重生——剪纸。



Liang Liang ren 良亮人 photo 1

对象-牧灵魂 Liang Liang ren 良亮人 photo 2

对象-仙姑下山 Liang Liang ren 良亮人 photo 3

黑财神 Liang Liang ren 良亮人 photo 4

泊塔Liang Liang ren 良亮人 photo 5

泊塔Liang Liang ren 良亮人 photo 6

paradox Liang Liang ren 良亮人 photo 7



Liang Liang Ren (Pang Xiaoliang) was born in LiaoNing province. Painter and independent animation director, now lives in Beijing.

2010.6 graduated from the Beijing Film Academy – major in the art of Animation

In 2007 798 star space – ” green school exhibition”;

In 2008 Beijing Film Academy “Academy Award” art works exhibition.

In 2009 the animation works “open future” finalisted the ninth Beijing Film Academy animation school, competition unit

In 2010 798 Tokyo Gallery painting newer exhibition

Animation works ” bamboo ” in 2010 ” Sharism 2010 Beijing louder” animation unit.

In early 2010 the establishment of the “JiGuangPianYu” visual arts studio


良亮人(庞晓亮) 女 1985年生于辽宁
画家 独立动画导演