Jin Shan

Beyond his personal history, Jin Shan uses his body in his sculptural and installation works. At the 52nd Venice Biennale, he installed a life-size silicone replica of himself at Campo San Polo. The installation Desperate Pee (2007) featured the figure of Jin Shan with his trousers lowered, urinating into the Venetian canals by use of a pump mechanism built into the sculpture. An ambitious development of his street interventionist art works, Desperate Pee was in effect a temporary public fountain, creating a playfully rude response to more familiar sculptural forms of cherub statues urinating into fountains. For Jin Shan, it raised the question of why it might be acceptable for a statue based on a baby to be depicted urinating butunseemly for a statue of an adult to be depicted similarly. Inserting himself as the hyper-real, racial other, Jin Shan exploited the alarm or disgust of visitors to highlight social prejudices and racial stigmatization within public sculptural form.