ART #6

Graduated from Fine Arts Department of Tsinghua University, majoring in Ceramics now studying the Master in Ceramics,  Fine Arts, Tsinghua University .


Hei Junying is now also a teacher in the middle school, which has a special pottery room for her.

She says that she really lives a fortunate life. No conflicts between her work and dream, that allows her to do something in peace.

She just purely love making pottery. It’s like an inner exploration everytime she makes pottery. She  doesn’t care about those complicated things.


“I don’t know since when, the world suddenly became strange to me, as if something wrong with my memory, degrading in a high speed. The world changes in ghosting and dislocation. But all the things became vivid and unbelievable.


This strange floating sense brings me the fear that far from the crowd, at the same time, brings me the surprise and happiness of discovery. The world is unexperienced through my eyes, just like the blind people see again. Everything turns out to be so wonderful: from the vivid expression of plants to the breath of the tail of bees; from the ancient spices solidificated on the rock, to the fantasy cell groups like kaleidoscope; from passing of the night sky, to the way to express like Yayoi Kusama; from the perplexing pine tree to the psychedelic surface of the shells; from the frightening holes of the lake stones to the delicate feathers of birds………..I try to collect these images, break the space-time dimension, let them surround me, and then rebuild a new world.


I like those kind of people like astronomer, archaeologists, navigator, earth artists. You know, there’s nothing important to know the farthest star from the sun in our daily life. But every time when we discovering it, the world seems to calm down, as you are facing the huge unknown yourself alone, talking with the god. I believe this is a world full of possibility. We can definitely feel the hidden impressive things if our minds are pure.


Making pottery is my way of expression. And the soil is the purest material and most close to the origin of the world, mild and tolerant. In the past 3 months, I made potteries from sunrise to sunset. Such memory mixed with soil, water and fire every day was even like Genesis. I still remember the days in the Ding Mountain. In the moring, I made pottery with such strange images, while dreamed a lot of boring thins like love affair or examination…It was really like an upside-down world. but no matter it’s a real world or a imagine, I am really happy to cruise between the two worlds.”


——Hei Junying


ART #6
















HEI JUNYING 黑俊颖 artwork 1

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HEI JUNYING 黑俊颖 artwork 13

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HEI JUNYING 黑俊颖 artwork 15