Chai Mi

ART #8

Chai Mi Born in 1985, Chai Mi currently lives and works in her hometown Beijing. Chai Mi’s fine art practice involves a wide range of media, including painting, paper-craft, animation and live performing among the others. Insisting on hand crafting, she always absorbs new ideas, combines them with existing methods to innovate.



ART #8

柴觅 艺术家 女性 85年出生,清华大学美术学院毕业,居住在中国北京。使用多种方式进行创作,包括绘画,手工艺,动画,现场表演等。坚持手工创作,乐于不断吸收和融合现有方式进行新创作方式的探索。

“the sparrow and the raven” Trailer

Improvised Music And Animation from Mi Chai

animated short ,   “the sparrow and the raven”

 “the outside world” and “Bird”