Cai Jian Chao & Su Bei

Cai Jian Chao and Subei were roommates in the college. They were like brothers to each other. Since then, they like to find faults from each other and work together. Now they are expecting a brand new start after they finished their study in France.

They always pay attention to those tiny little things and energies in the daily life : Complex and mysterious, straightforward and metaphorical, calm and anxiety, 

“Collect, arrange, transform, and then present” is the core of their creation principal. Those things are all fleeting, very difficult to control and hold on to them.They want to “relayed”, “re-narrative” potential tiny information, make them a unique “leading role” work, to trace the ways and rules of the evolution of all kinds. 

蔡剑超 & 苏北

蔡剑超和苏北是国内大学时代同宿舍的兄弟。自那时起,他们便喜欢相互挑剔并一起工作。在法国结束学业后,直至今日,两人期待一个新的开始。他们经常留意日常生活中那些细小的物质和能量 , 复杂且神秘 , 直白又隐喻,平静又不安。

“收集 , 整理 , 改造 , 再呈现”是他们创作的核心,那些东西对于他们而言都是稍纵即逝 , 难以掌控。他们想要“转述”,“再叙述”小物质的潜在信息,使其成为陈设中独特的“主角”,以此追寻事物演进的痕迹,规律。


07 远处

02 摩天楼

01 摩天楼

skyscraper / 摩天楼

02 无题 发丝

01 无题 发丝

Untitled Hair / 无题 发丝

02 纪念物

04 纪念物

01 纪念物

Souvenirs / 纪念物

02 无题 镜

01 无题 镜

Untitled Mirror / 无题 镜

01 ≤100°


02 点

03 点

Point /点